Functional Electrical Stimulation

Additional benefits for the Clinician

The system can be setup for use my multiple users. There are no limits to the number of users or programmes so you can have as many clients on the software as you wish.

The system can store multiple training programmes per user. Once you have setup a programme you can save it under a unique name for immediate and quick start at their next session. Multiple programmes give you choice, adaptability and variety.

Once familiar, a user can be setup and working in a matter of moments! This gives you the ability to maximise your therapy time by supervising and instructing additional patients, setting up new tasks, completing admin etc.

The system has 8 channels, allowing you stimulate 8 muscles simultaneously. This means, for example, you can stimulate both the upper and lower leg to create a smooth cycling motion, or choose to add in glutes or abdominals with the upper leg for additional benefit.

Sequence mode software brings unlimited possibility. With the addition of sequence mode software, the RehaMove stimulator can be used independently from the MOTOmed. It can be used to activate single muscles or programmes to assist in exercises such as the ‘Sit to Stand’ or in shoulder stabilisation. There are multiple inbuilt safety mechanisms for peace of mind. If i client is working on their own you needn’t worry about their safety. The system has a safety Stop button to immediately halt the programme and inbuilt cut offs e.g.. if an electrode becomes disconnected.

The system has a small blueprint and easy to move. When not in use the RehaMove can be stored safely out of the way and easily rolled back into position when needed.

You’re a leader! FES Stimulation is widely recognised and praised for its excellent health benefits. By
adopting the RehaMove you show your willingness and interest in future health technologies and your commitment to your patients rehabilitation and long term health.

To learn more about the benefits of using RehaMove in your facility please contact us to arrange a consultation.