Functional Electrical Stimulation

Product Overview

In this section we will look at the stimulator interface in a little more detail and show you how easy it is to navigate and use as a therapist or a home user. We hope that this shows you how user friendly our software is. We have taken serious consideration into making it simple, intuitive and logical for users of any experience level to use.

Blueprint of RehaStim 2

The stimulator can be switched on using the on/off button on the top left. The buttons on the side can be used to select any available menus on the main screen. The round knob at the bottom can be used to scroll through users or menus, with a simple ‘click to select’ action.

Icon of RehaMove Multiple User Mode

Multiple User Mode

When the RehaMove is used by multiple users, like in a hospital or clinic, you will be able to setup unlimited user profiles and training programs. You can use the bottom knob to scroll between users and press it to select the desired profile. Once you are in the correct profile you can use the knob once again to navigate to the desired training profile and simply select to start training.

Icon of RehaMove Single User Mode

Single User Mode

A home based patient, who is the only user of the RehaMove, can have the software set up in ‘Single User Mode’. This means the software will immediately start in their profile and they only need to scroll to their desired training program, and click to start.

Icon of RehaMove Setting Up A Client

Setting Up A Client

Setting up a new client on the RehaMove is simple to do. Simply follow the onscreen instructions and use the knob to scroll and select, or the buttons to engage side menus.

Icon of RehaMove Setting Up A Training Programme

Setting Up A Training Programme

Once a user has been created you can set up multiple training programs for their use. Simply follow the onscreen instructions, using templates as a guide, or create your own using the ‘Individual’ option.

Icon of RehaMove Testing The Muscles

Testing The Muscles

Once the electrodes are in place - using the color-coordinated references from the stimulator - you can test how much stimulation the muscles need for that particular activity. Simply select the muscle you wish to activate and turn the knob slowly until you see (or feel) the desired contraction in the muscle. Click to select and save the parameter.